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Buying a house on a single-person income is never easy, but must be thrifty did it anyway in 2009, when interest rates were at a record low. Now that interest rates are going up and house prices are going down, she's bracing herself for some serious scrooging...

End of an era

Three years have past since my first mustbethrifty post. In my quest to save money and resources, I’ve done things my pre-mortgage self never considered doing: getting multiple quotes, researching products, putting up with housemates, clothes and food swapping, scavenging … Continue reading

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Hol(e)y soles!

These boots have suffered much abuse over the years and now they have hol(e)y soles, which aren’t great in the wet winter weather. I didn’t want to throw them out, however, since they cost me a couple of hundred bucks. Plus … Continue reading

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The best cookbook I’ll ever own

Who doesn’t love a good cookbook? Big and bold with page after page of beautifully plated food, they’re a feast for the eyes of the food-obsessed. Last time I checked, however, ‘oohing and aahing’ over a photograph of Gelato Messina’s … Continue reading

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Consolidating debt with the home loan

Three years ago, I wrote a post on switching to a low-interest credit card and or consolidating the credit card debt in the home loan. I said I’d avoid redraw at all costs but never explained the reasons why. Consolidating personal … Continue reading

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2014’s federal budget: what did you expect?

On Tuesday, I came home to this: While there are a handful of budget ‘winners’, namely defence, infrastructure, medical research, mining (via ABC), as well as ballerinas and school chaplaincy (via SMH), the rest of us have just had our tax breaks knocked out … Continue reading

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My shop on Etsy

This gallery contains 3 photos.

My interview with Grace has inspired me to sell some of my vintage collection on Etsy. Back in the days of pov-uni-studentdom, I used to sell unwanted books and CDs on eBay (I even made a profit when I sold … Continue reading

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Leftovers – Mum’s way

Last weekend, my Aussie mother-in-law showed me her photos from her Vietnam trip. Amongst the scenery shots of Hoi An and Ha Long Bay were the photos of food. The food, she said, was lovely and healthy, though the soup … Continue reading

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