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Secondhand dressed

The other day, I eavesdropped on a conversation between two mothers. One was telling the other how hard it was to find a decent wedding dresses for under a thousand bucks. Yep, it’s common knowledge that wedding dresses are expensive, … Continue reading

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A warm winter coat

The end of daylight savings heralds the start of the cold, wich means it’s time to drag out the winter coat from storage. If you haven’t got a winter coat, start looking for one. Invest in a good-quality woollen coat … Continue reading

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Cheaper than Ikea? Yes, we can!

We’re not going to try to explain life, but we know there’s more to life than furniture. And everyone deserves to have a beautiful home and still have money left over for other things. At IKEA, we’re inspired by all … Continue reading

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Turning drab into fab

Like many Gen Y-ers, I am craft-challenged. My sewing skills consist of threading needles and accidentally stitching <insert crafty project here> to the clothes currently being worn. I am also vertically challenged. My trousers and dresses are always in need … Continue reading

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Whimsical furnishings

So you’ve got the keys to the new house. The walls are patched from an exodus of photo frames. There’s electricity and water, but very little else. It’s a shell, not a home. If you were pre-mortgage, you would have used … Continue reading

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Bargains at the op shop

Despite their recent gentrification, op shops can still be an excellent resource for the money-challenged. After last week’s discussion with I Love to Op Shop and Lisa@SimplyMe, I thought I’d expand on the topic of bargains at the op shop. … Continue reading

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I op[t to] shop

Opportunity shop n. Aust., NZ a shop run by a church, charity, etc., for the sale of second-hand goods, especially clothes. Also, op shop. (via Macquarie Concise Dictionary 4th Edition) Once the territory of Centrelink/pension cardholders, op shops are now frequented … Continue reading

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