Footnote Frivolity***, My Suburb is My Gym

My bike is my gym

There’s a new gym in the neighbourhood. Foundation membership’s $12 per week, which is a steal for anyone who hearts their treadmill.

Unfortunately, I’ve always been gym shy. Once upon a time, when I had a gym card, I turned up to balance class once a week (if I was lucky) and my credit card got charged $35.95 fortnightly for facilities I hardly used.

When my friend offered to sell her bike to me, I decided to ditch the gym and give cycling a go. I didn’t know where or when I’d be able to ride but I thought I’d prefer looking at trees and creeks to bums, boobs, and legs enveloped in stretchy Lululemon Athletica gear.

It took me twelve weeks to recover the cost of the bike. I didn’t ride as regularly as I would have liked, but when I did, I felt happy. Cycling seemed more of an activity and less of a fitness routine. I spent my free days exploring bike trails. I chose to ride, instead of drive, to the library or the supermarket and reduced my petrol consumption.

It’s been two years since I’ve cancelled the gym membership. That’s $1653.70 in savings*. Some of the money has gone towards repairs and accessories, as well as a $600 Schwinn Nancy upgrade, but most of it is earning its keep in the mortgage account. Gym money is dead money, especially if you have a mortgage**. Ditch the gym. Ride a bike. It’s the financially sound decision to make.

22 years and 2 months to go,


*(104-12)/2 x $35.95

**How much does $35.95 per fortnight gym membership really cost when you have a mortgage? A nice car usually. Plug in the numbers using’s Advanced Repayment Calculator to see for yourself.

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