Nice as Splice

When the weather warms up, we start craving icy poles. Unfortunately, store-bought varieties come with additives, packaging, and a $2+ price tag.

Homemade icy poles are a cheap and easy-to-make alternative. You’ll need to buy, borrow, or create your own moulds, but once obtained, these moulds can be reused (unlike the throwaway paddle sticks that come with a Splice). Try Decor’s Lickety-Sips or these cool offerings. Otherwise dig around the back of Mum’s cupboards for a taste of wet grass, lemonade, and peanut-butter sandwiches.

I made my own icy poles with leftover juice from a lychee can and had these with Cheap Geek one warm November day. Turning fruit tin syrup or soft drink gone flat into icy poles helps stretch the grocery dollar, especially when you’re dating someone who has a penchant for sweet treats and ice-cream.

Clever cooks should look to Tipnut’s fifty-one popsickle variations, My Green Australia’s tips and recipes, and Gourmet Traveller’s article for further inspiration.

20 years and 7 months to go,


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3 Responses to Nice as Splice

  1. Rhys says:

    Tell Gra I want to stroke his beard (for science). Also, what are these “warm November days” you speak of?

  2. Dmarie says:

    hey, thanks for this. I’ve been meaning to buy some molds to make some Popsicles for the grandgirls, but you just saved me the trouble!

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