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A mustbethrifty Christmas: tips from the North Pole

Dear M.

We congratulate you on your efforts towards improving your finances. Unfortunately we cannot process your request as the North Pole has a ‘no monetary gifts’ policy (Santa Clause 3024.A).

We recommend you seek help elsewhere in regards to ‘redoosing [your]…home loan’ and advise the following in order to avoid a Christmas budget blowout:

  • Minimise your list of gifts

Chip in with others for presents. Organise a Kris Kringle. Buy presents only for people who still believe in Santa.

  • Stick to a budget.

Write a list of gift-recipients and the maximum amount you’re willing to spend on them. Only use your credit card when you know you can match your spendings dollar for dollar with money deposited into a high-interest savings account.

  • Make your own gifts.

Make compote, jams, preserves for foodies, cookies for sweet-tooths, and nanna blankets for hipster twenty-somethings.

  • Skimp on the gift wrapping.

Organise complementary gift wrapping at stores. Reduce, reuse, recycle. Wrap presents in kids’ artwork (via Savings Guide) or pack them into a tin container rescued from hard rubbish week.

  • Get the best price.

Shop around online or in person. Take advantage of sales, loyalty club discounts, crowd sourcing, and bulk buys.

  • Get gifts that count.

Find out what people want (directly or indirectly). This prevents impulse buys and, more importantly, gifts going to waste. Otherwise, get them a gift voucher or donate money to charity on their behalf.

We hope that you find our suggestions useful.

Have a safe and merry Christmas,

The Team from the North Pole

4 thoughts on “A mustbethrifty Christmas: tips from the North Pole

  1. I’m going to be making jam, pesto, apple jelly, and possibly lemon curd and tomato sauce. And either truffles or fudge. Perhaps both! (It’s especially good as I’ve persuaded Cam to pay for the ingredients as they’re joint presents and I’ll be the one slaving over the stove. MWAHAHAHAHA!!)

    1. Nice work. If I get my act together, I’ll probably be making truffles and lemon curd too, and lots of marmalade. 😀

  2. Hah, I loved this!

    My brother decided that he wasn’t going to do presents for grown ups this year – so that crossed him off my gift list. Awesome!

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