Introducing Magpie

Cheep Geek and I have just adopted Magpie from the RSPCA. He’s a domestic short-haired cat who’s curious and very cheeky. Like all pets, he is also costly. Initial outlays include a scratching post, food and water bowls, some catnip and cat grass, two kitty litter trays, a poop scooper, a collar, some pet training sprays, and toys. Ongoing costs will include food, kitty litter, council registration, as well as veterinary costs (i.e. vaccinations, worming treatments, and checkups).

We’ve never had cats before so it’s a bit of a mind-warp, trying to figure out what’s going on in that head of his. And there’s so many products out there on the market. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of buying this product to make your pet look cool yo, or to stop your pet from doing such and such behaviour. And I’m so starved for retail therapy that I might just go out and buy some Hello Kitty-shaped poop scooper. But I won’t. I won’t be like one of those pet owners who treat their pets like children. Look at the ridiculous stuff that people buy their pets these days!

Speaking of children, Melissa from Frugal and Thriving hands out cereal boxes and baking paper rolls to her kids and they love it. And judging from the way Magpie wants to jump into every cat-sized cardboard box in the house, it looks like cardboard boxes and toilet paper may be the thrifty way to go when it comes to entertaining the cat.

3 thoughts on “Introducing Magpie

  1. Dawwwwwwwww, kitty!! I’m highly entertained by how much he’s loving that loo paper roll. Bless…

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