Money Matters

It pays to check the cheque

I had a ventilation system installed recently. It wasn’t cheap but it was preferable to the mould that had taken up residence in the laundry. However, once the electrician had come and gone, Cheap Geek noticed that the installed model was different to the one that had been quoted. In fact, after a bit of Googling, we realised that we had been given the cheaper, noisier and less energy efficient version. Not happy. Several angry emails later, we got the right system installed for no extra cost.

The above might seem like a rare screw up, but businesses get things wrong (and often to the customer’s disadvantage) more often than not. Since the ventilation system incident, we’ve spotted the following discrepancies:

  • one extra pair of $69.99 pants being charged to the receipt
  • one extra noodle dish being charged to the receipt
  • a restaurant bill tallied incorrectly (it was over by a convenient ten per cent)
  • the mustbethrifty credit card being charged with someone else’s four-hundred dollar bill
  • an inflated quote for three full-price tickets and one concession instead of one full-price and three concessions.

And this is while we weren’t religiously checking our bills.

It’s highly unlikely that any of the above businesses were deliberately trying to pull a fast one; they were happy to fix things once we pointed out their mistake. Nevertheless, a business isn’t going to chase you down the street if they discover their error, not unless it adversely affects their ongoing business with you and sometimes not even then; the only person who’s going to protect you from this kind of naffery is yourself. So next time you’re shouting your mates a meal at the pub, don’t forget to check the cheque.

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