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Frugal thrills: spring in Melbourne

It’s past the midway mark for spring and the weather is finally warming up in Melbourne. Time to try 5 outdoorsy activities:

1) Bike it, hike it

Grab your bike, a mate or a date and pedal along the Capital City Trail, the Merri Creek Trail, or any other of Melbourne’s dedicated bike and pedestrian trails. For details on specific routes in and around the city, check out The Bicycle Network’s Melbourne’s Metro Trail Network page.

If you prefer a slower travelling pace, put on the hiking boots and explore one of the region’s many walks. I haven’t done Werribee Gorge yet, but apparently it’s a stunner.

Bike it, hike it, whatever you decide to do, don’t forget to take drinks and food so that you’re not spending a fortune on lunch along the way.

2) Volunteer at a community garden working bee

Don’t have a garden? Feel like a gardening noob? There’s usually a community or permaculture garden nearby where you can help out, learning the ins and outs of growing your own produce along the way. Make friends, nab a share of the harvest, and learn how to preserve homegrown produce. To find out where your local is, search online or check your community noticeboards. If there isn’t a regular working bee in your area, you can always give permablitzing a go.

3) Shop at an outdoor market

Having difficulty sourcing your secondhand goods for Buy Nothing New Month? Check out the local flea market, where there’s an assortment of secondhand goods, homegrown produce, free entertainment, and cheap plants. Entry is either free or a gold-coin donation. Only Melbourne has a decent list of markets happening around town, detailing important things like dates and stuff.

4) Seek some treasure amongst the trash

It’s the annual spring clean for most Melbournians, which means it’s hard-rubbish scavenging time for us mustbethrifty folk. Keep a pair of gloves, a torch, and an old blanket in the car, just in case you spot some treasure whilst driving. If you’re really keen on hard rubbish, join Facebook group Hard Rubbish Melbourne for your regular fix.

5) Find your inner chi

Those who work or live in the city should try the free tai chi classes at Fed Square. Organised by Tai Chi Australia, it’s an hour-long session that runs every Tuesday, from 7:30am to 8:30am.

Dubbed as ‘medication in motion’ by Harvard Women’s Health Watch (via Harvard Health Publications), tai chi helps improve flexibility and strength as well as empty the mind (via Better Health Channel). It’s healthier (and cheaper) for you than that ritualistic morning coffee.

This post is part of a Buy Nothing New series for Buy Nothing New Month 2012. Yep. 

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