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My dad’s mini greenhouses

Dad is a Jim’s Mowing man. He’s also one of the thriftiest gardeners I know. I don’t think he’s ever bought a bag of compost or a plant; most of his specimens come from seeds or cuttings or are castoffs from other people’s gardens.

I shared some of my seeds with him and he’s been nursing them in mini greenhouses made out of plastic food containers:

The greenhouses help maintain a warm and consistent climate for the seedlings. They also protect the seedlings from snails.

Mini greenhouses can be made out of any clear plastic container. I usually upcycle a large fruit juice bottle. I just cut out the bottom and plonk it over a plant:

I prefer bottles to other containers because I can easily control the ventilation by leaving the lid loosely screwed on or removing it. The bottles are also tall enough to give plants some room to grow. And when I’m not using them as greenhouses, I can turn them upside down with the lid loosely screwed on and use them as drip feeds for my more established plants:

It’s fairly low tech but it’s kept my lemon tree happy through summer and it doesn’t cost me anything.

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