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Bottled water: a costly convenience

When it comes to our favourite beverages, we know that it’s cheaper to DIY or BYO. For every caffeine hit, a DIY coffee will easily save you $3. And when it’s time to wind down, a BYO cleanskin will cost less than a glass of house white. Still, neither coffee nor alcohol have the same level of fail that bottled water has. According to The Sunday Telegraph, filtered tap water from brands such as Aqua Pura, Mizone, Noble’s Pureau, Nature’s Best Organic, Active Organic and Refresh have a mark-up of more than 180,000 per cent. Bottling and transporting water also wastes valuable resources*, and once the product is consumed, we’re stuck with the non-degradable packaging.

So why are we buying bottled water? Because it’s cleaner? Because it tastes better? Er, buy a reusable bottle with a filter in it. One particular Australian-tap-water basher friend of mind swears by her Brita Fill & Go which removes the ‘funny taste’ that Melbourne water seems to impart. Beyond having to change the filter every 3 months, she’s set (and saving more money than she used to).

Others buy bottled water for the convenience. They can have water when they want it and they can discard it just as quickly. But considering how easy it is to carry your own drink bottle and wash it afterwards, is the convenience worth the cost? Plus, there’s the added coolness factor of carrying your own. Would you rather be caught with a daggy disposable or would you rather be sporting this?Sheldon-isms water bottle from cafepress
Yeehah, spread the Sheldon love.

*’The NSW Department of the Environment and Climate Change once calculated that to produce, package, transport and refrigerate each litre bottle of bottled water 200mL of oil is used…Another study says bottled water has a carbon footprint conservatively rated at 300 times greater per litre than tap water. Other studies suggest bottled water production is as much as 2,000 times the energy cost of producing tap water’ (via ABC).

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