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The indestructible spring onion

spring onion5

Spring onions are hardy plants. Once established, they’re drought tolerant, snail resistant, and they grow back after a decent trim.

It always baffles me whenever I see spring onion seedlings at a nursery. Why do people pay money for seedlings when they can get spring onion plants for free? Whenever I bring home a bunch of spring onions from the grocer, the first thing I do is chop off the ends and use these to propagate new plants.

My friend Sarah tried this recently. After putting the roots in a glass of water, she discovered that they had grown 2cm overnight. ‘I was shocked,’ she declared. She told her sister what she had done; her sister didn’t believe her. How can something that’s been out of the ground for days/weeks and hacked to bits grow back with such vigour?

Thankfully, Sarah snapped some photos as proof:

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