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Rejuvenating a pair of school trousers

I love school trousers–they keep you warm, they’re made to last, and pleated grey wool is such a classic look.

I picked up this pair from the op shop for $7. The length and cut give away their daggy origins, but it’s nothing that an iron, scissors, needle and thread can’t fix.NOKIA Lumia 800_000961

I’ve removed some of the length and rehemmed with the hopes of refashioning these utilitarian school slacks into three-quarter-length dress pants. Now I can show off my $12 op-shop heels!NOKIA Lumia 800_000964

For those who have never hemmed by hand before, check out my post on the topic. After taking up the hem of a polyester skirt, working on woollen trousers is easy as baking Anzac biscuits.

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