Dress to Impress (for Less)

A warm winter coat

The end of daylight savings heralds the start of the cold, wich means it’s time to drag out the winter coat from storage.

If you haven’t got a winter coat, start looking for one. Invest in a good-quality woollen coat that is lined so that it lasts for a couple of seasons or more. Avoid anything that might date; instead, opt for classic cuts in shades such as black, navy or grey. You can always dress up or modernise your coat with relatively inexpensive accessories such as scarves, brooches and or costume jewellery.

A new coat will cost upwards of a hundred dollars, so do investigate secondhand alternatives if you’re on a tight budget. Trawl opportunity shops, flea markets, or online. I usually find mine at opportunity shops, since there’s usually a good range of coats at reasonable prices. One year I picked up a good-quality vintage coat for a measly $30. Another time, I found a houndstooth from the 60s for under $20. The lining needed replacing (that set me back $80) but the coat was still cheaper than anything I could have picked up at Myer. Plus because it’s vintage, it can’t get much more dated.

If secondhand is not your thing, try getting your coat when it’s on sale. Thanks to the current retail trend towards discounting, you won’t have to wait too long.

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