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Lifehacked earrings

At the Colette sale, I found some ‘classy crystal earrings’ for $3, which was 75% off the regular retail price:

They’re a bit OTT for my little ears but they make the perfect kind of bridal bling for my ballroom heels. Cheap Geek helped me remove the studs so that the backs of the earrings were flush. I then lashed the earrings onto the shoes with some invisible thread*. A glue gun would probably be an easier/neater way of doing things, but I thought I might want to de-bling my heels at a future date.

And voila, now I have some sparkly heels for the wedding:

When looking for earrings to convert into shoe bling, bring your shoes with you. If you plan on using invisible thread, choose earrings that offer a few gaps or holes for you to loop the thread through. Avoid earrings that are too smooth; invisible thread has its limits!

Check out my previous post, for more reversible shoe bling.

*Available from your local haberdashery/crafts store. Usually costs a couple of bucks.

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