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Cook with it, clean with it

Part of being mustbethrifty includes keeping a streamlined pantry. Avoid buying single-purpose ingredients like salsa, bolognese sauce and tomato soup. Apart from cluttering the shelves, they also have the propensity for going out of date. Opt for more flexible ingredients, like canned tomatoes, instead. Not only will you use them before they go off, you will also be able to save money by buying them in bulk.

Versatile pantry items can also be used outside of the kitchen, reducing the number of household chemicals you need to buy. For instance, sodium bicarbonate and vinegar make great bathroom cleaners. Just wipe the bicarb onto the surface with a damp sponge and then spritz vinegar over it. The resulting fizz will lift the dirt and grime. Wipe off with a different sponge and you should get a clean, whiter surface.

Here are five other non-food-related ways to use your bicarb and vinegar:

  • Fabric softener

According to Shannon Lush, the ‘best fabric softener is 1/2 cup of bicarb added to the washing powder, then add 1/2 cup of vinegar to the rinse cycle’ (via Spotless)

  • Deodoriser

When changing the kitty litter, swish around a bit of vinegar in the kitty litter tray to freshen it up. Add bicarb to the bottom of your rubbish bin to absorb malodours. Remove the musty smell of books by bagging them up with some bicarb for a couple of weeks.

  • Drain cleaner

‘To clear clogs in sink and tub drains, use a funnel to pour in 1/2 cup baking soda followed by 1 cup vinegar. When the foaming subsides, flush with hot tap water. Wait five minutes, and then flush again with cold water. Besides clearing blockages, this technique also washes away odor-causing bacteria.’ (via Reader’s Digest

  • Mould cleaner

Vinegar kills most types of mould. I apply it on neat to the mouldy bits of my bathroom ceiling. For better results, add a couple of drops of clove oil to the vinegar.

  • Flower preserver

‘Add one teaspoon each of sugar, bleach and white vinegar to the water to extend flowers’ vase life and reduce slimy build up.’ (via Home Life)

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