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The cost of acceding to other people’s expectations

001133Cheap Geek and I had initially planned on paperless wedding invites to cut down on financial and environmental costs. We had already secured our domain name, something that was sufficiently geektastic, when I told my parents what we were thinking.

The wedding website didn’t go down well. It wasn’t baby boomer friendly enough: not everyone had access to email. My parents’ concerns were reasonable so we opted for what another thrifster couple did and ordered recycled-paper postcard invites. The style was understated with a retro vibe, which suited both of our aesthetics, and tied in with the venue.

When we started handing out the invites however, my mother complained that everything looked ‘too grey’, so I rushed out and bought some Valentine’s Day postal stamps and rubber stamps and stamped myself silly.

A couple of months and a hundred dollars later, my parents insisted on envelopes to go with the postcards because how could I even think of sending out postcards without envelopes to my overseas relatives. I diligently bought metallic paper, a gold stamp pad to match the red one I used for Christmas cards, and started a bridal sweatshop production line.

Turns out I should have stuck to the original idea of paperless invites. My relatives complained about the overly simplistic and somewhat unsophisticated design (okay, my words not theirs, but it was implied). Anything that strayed beyond the traditional flourish of red and gold and a lot of verbosity wrapped up in several layers of uselessness was just tasteless. What were we thinking?!

And now my parents want more envelopes for the rest of their mates. When I explained to them that the purpose of having a postcard invite was to save trees, my dad promptly replied: ‘Stuff the environment. You only get married once in your life.’

Yes, I do plan on getting married only once in my life. And at the start of this journey, I had hoped on doing it in a fashion that was true to us, instead of going along with everyone else’s expectations. But somehow, we just ended up buying stuff we didn’t need and making more envelopes.

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