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DIY = not always thrifty

The other week, an Offbeat Bride reader asked ‘Does wedding DIY save you money or cost more?’ (via Offbeat Bride)

I’m all for DIY. It’s creative, personal, and (hopefully) rewarding. Contrary to popular belief, however, it does not always save money. DIY projects that require training, the purchase of expensive equipment and or supplies may end up costing more than the ready-made/professional version.

For instance, I had planned on doing DIY hair and makeup for my wedding to a) learn new tricks and b) be economical. I figured that bridal hair and makeup (trial run and the real thing) would cost anywhere up to $400. So doing my own should be cheaper, right?

Rose de Rose by Terry – a bridal blush that contains 24-carat gold flakes (RRP $92)…Frak me!

The $85 hair and makeup workshop with Miss Chrissy from The Lindy Charm School definitely met both criteria. The makeup brushes and the products that I purchased afterwards, however, did not. I went to Mecca and Kit, an exercise in plastic card guilt. Needless to say, I easily spent over $300. Sure, a lot of it can be put to use after the wedding; I have tangible products and not some hazy memory of being pampered/painted. But I don’t wear makeup. Will I actually use any of it again?

Plus all of the above doesn’t factor in the time cost of DIY. Thankfully, hair and makeup doesn’t take too long. But what if I had decided to make my own dress? Or bake my own wedding cake? Or caved into Mum’s insistence on envelopes and made over a hundred of the things? 😦

Having said that, when guests compliment on how radiant I look on my wedding day, I will have the satisfaction of taking credit for everything, including the 24-carat bridal blush.

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