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Keeping up with the Kumars

Alcoholic drink
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I met up with Cheap Geek and his work colleagues for Friday night drinks. One particular fellow had started reading my blog after getting himself into a spot of financial difficulty. He had invested in the wrong kind of margin-lending account with borrowed money.

It’s great meeting a fan. But no amount of mustbethrifty chicken stock was going to get him out of the red, not unless he changed his attitude towards money.

This fellow had grown up in India with a ‘silver spoon in his mouth’ (his ex-boss’ words not mine). He now works for an Australian company and takes home enough money to get by. He’s envious of his family friends who are still in India though. They’re raking in the big bucks, boozing it up on the weekends and dropping hundred dollar bills. Whenever he sees their photos on Facebook, he wishes he was still there. This is the reason why he is spending money that he doesn’t have.

That crisp October night, as we sat at a bar overlooking the water, he downed yet another drink and I tried to tell him that he had to turn his thinking inside out. Instead of boasting how much he had spent in one night, he should find pride in what he had saved.

But I didn’t know the fellow very well and he was intent on chatting up a waitress; I don’t think I got very far at all.

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