Footnote Frivolity***, Money Matters

Gratefully thrifty

work and sleep design by Sean MacEntee
Being thrifty allows you to do things other than work and sleep. (Image courtesy of Sean MacEntee under the Creative Commons licence. Note: Sean MacEntee does not endorse the author or the contents of

Some of my former coworkers are negotiating salaries with their new bosses. Their lifestyles are unsustainable at the currently offered pay rate, which means they’ll either have to accept the work and deal with the financial consequences or find employment elsewhere.

Looking at their situation has made me grateful in regards to my own. I have no dependents*, I have a partner to help share the financial load, the size of our debt is easy to manage. I don’t need to ask for anything higher than the going rate or pick up extra shifts. Instead I can focus on improving other work conditions like less weekend hours and more on-the-job training. I can also actually have a life outside of work and I won’t burn out.

This would not be possible if Cheap Geek and I had nursed our bad spending habits or ‘borrowed to the hilt’ with his car, my house, or our wedding. In other words, there’s always a reason to be mustbethrifty; sometimes it’s just not as obvious. 

*Cats don’t really count.

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