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Wedding album on a shoe(string) budget – part one

In the midst of last year’s wedding planning, Cheap Geek and I decided to forego the traditional wedding album. We figured that we wanted our money to go towards the talent rather than fancy paper and ink.

Fortunately, our photographer offered a digital-proofs-only package: he wasn’t the type who holds his digital proofs for ransom*. And so we saved $1360, got married and had a bowl. Lawn bowls at a wedding

Months later, our photographer sent us his digital proofs which now grace many a Facebook page. Ads from Artisan State, a new budget photo album company, have also been gracing the Facebook feeds. I’m not sure how good the quality of the albums are but Sydney wedding photographer Sutoritera has posted a fairly positive review:

I was at first dubious. Very dubious. But as you have seen, the proof is in the pudding. Artisan State have proved themselves to be a viable solution. The product is A+. It meets the standard of an anal wedding photographer…

For the consumer, Artisan State is a very attractive low-cost photo book manufacturer…Compared to Snapfish and Apple photo books, Artisan State is in a league of its own. As I said previously, I found the print quality and paper stock to be very good. In fact, I expected a far inferior product for the price I paid. Surprisingly, my hypothesis was wrong (via ‘Artisan State Review’ by Sutoritera).

And now I am intrigued. I was planning to order 5 x 7″ prints of everything but the thought of having a coffee-table-worthy photo album that can double as a gift was just too hard to resist, especially after Artisan State threw in a 30% off promotion to sweeten the deal.

Using the company’s online design program is fairly simple, even though I’ve had to put aside half a day to upload my high-res images. I’ve opted for the Classic Leatherette 8 x 11″, which starts retailing at $80 USD plus shipping, the price of a decent pair of shoes. Hopefully everything goes okay, but if it doesn’t, no biggie; I’ve already got way too many shoes. Too many shoes


*There are some photographers who will not hand over their digital work unless you purchase a wedding album package.

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