Money Matters

2014’s federal budget: what did you expect?

On Tuesday, I came home to this:

While there are a handful of budget ‘winners’, namely defence, infrastructure, medical research, mining (via ABC), as well as ballerinas and school chaplaincy (via SMH), the rest of us have just had our tax breaks knocked out from under us.

The ‘pain’ is widespread. I see it on the news and social media. I hear it in person: pensioners worrying about how changes to their welfare, and to the health system will affect them further, small-business owners considering the effect of fuel levy surcharges on logistics, educated young folk getting frustrated with Chris Pine. There’s a lot of anxiety and anger. ‘Broken promises’ is the phrase of the day:

Why are people upset? The Coalition has always had a reputation for getting budgets back to surplus, slashing welfare, and rewarding the corporate sector. This budget is true to form. If you were looking for a budget that cared about health, education, foreign aid, the environment, disadvantaged folk in general (young, old, families, low income, Indigenous, the unemployed, etc.) then you should have voted for someone else.

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