Dress to Impress (for Less), Footnote Frivolity***

Hol(e)y soles!

These boots have suffered much abuse over the years and now they have hol(e)y soles, which aren’t great in the wet winter weather.

I didn’t want to throw them out, however, since they cost me a couple of hundred bucks. Plus they’re super comfy and play nice with most outfits.

Cheap Geek spends a fortune on his work shoes. In order to extend the life of his footwear, he kits up every new purchase with Topy soles. Once there’s a lot of wear on the sole and heel, he’ll have the rubber pieces replaced. He favours this one particular shoe repair shop, so I thought I’d take my boots there. The guy charged me $55 to add new rubberised soles and heels and I think he gave everything a condition and polish as well.

Resoled boots

There’s little point in spending money on repairs if they cost the same as the replacement. But if you have expensive tastes in shoes or just happen to need decent quality ones for work, make friends with the local shoe repair guy.

While you’re at it, consider using conditionerwaterproofer, and shoe polish on your favourite shoes. Conditioner, leather’s equivalent to skin moisturiser, will help keep the leather supple and prevent cracking*. Waterproofer will keep your feet and shoes dry. And if you prefer your shoes looking smart, not scruffy, shoe polish will get you there.

Check out ‘Shoe Care: 101’ from the Art of Manliness for more ways to extend the life of your favourite pair of shoes.

*Note: conditioner can also darken the leather, so take care when applying to non-black shoes.

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