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End of an era

Three years have past since my first mustbethrifty post. In my quest to save money and resources, I’ve done things my pre-mortgage self never considered doing: getting multiple quotes, researching products, putting up with housemates, clothes and food swapping, scavenging and borrowing, mending and altering. I’ve finally learnt how to become comfortable with my mortgage.

Now, after nearly five years with my first mortgage, I am about to sign up on a second mortgage, this time hand-in-hand with Cheap Geek. We will be moving out and ‘living the dream’ of house and land (and chickens).Putting on a sold sticker

I’m really happy with the house we’ve bought. It has ‘good bones’. Quiet location with school and public transport options? Tick. Plenty of north-facing living space and minimal exposure to the harsh western sun? Tick. The house also has a small footprint, making it easier to maintain and/or improve. However, there’s still enough room in the house and in the garden for our family to grow.

Instead of writing about money, I’m shifting this blog’s focus onto the new house. Both Cheap Geek and I have a passion for grand designs of the sustainable kind. This doesn’t mean we’re going to knock down what we already have; we’re going to work on improving the new house one double-glazed window pane at a time. Working towards a more water and energy efficient house will mean smaller utilities bills and hopefully a higher resale/rental value.

We could have just got on with renovating. Nevertheless, I think it’s important to reflect on things we have done or about to do. Plus, according to Michael Mobbs, there’s very little literature out there about energy-conserving building design. Even my anecdotal observations will be a welcome addition to the patchy resources out there.

So, here it goes.



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