Frequently/Infrequently Asked Questions

Why do you blog about being thrifty?

Three reasons: 1) my mortgage 2) the current financial climate and 3) a realisation that the world’s resources are finite. I can’t afford to not be thrifty. Blogging about it gives me a sense of achievement and encourages me to learn new mustbethrifty ways.

Do you get paid to blog?

No. It’s very hard to monetise blogs (or any other form of online writing). Emerging Writers’ Festival Director Lisa Dempster has written a series of posts on the subject.

Are you a financial advisor?

No, I am not a financial advisor. Last time I checked, I had a Bachelor in Pharmacy, a Diploma in Professional Writing and zero qualifications in finance. Hence the blog. I am teaching myself financial literacy one post at a time.

How do you calculate the amount of time required to pay of your mortgage?

I don’t. My bank does it for me. Whenever I log into my bank accounts online, I look at the figure under ‘remaining loan term based on direct debit repayment’ to see where I’m at. It’s a misleading estimate as interest is charged monthly, so at the start of each month, the figure creeps up a little.

You used to sign off with how much time you had left on your home loan. What happened?

I got a different home loan. My current lender doesn’t provide an estimate on how long it will take to pay off my loan and, thanks to a shiny new offset account, the loan is too complex for me to calculate the estimate myself.

You’re blogging less now. Why?

I started focusing on Mustbethrifty House, namely the improvements made to make my home more environmentally sustainable. These changes cost time and or money, so I’ve been posting only when something new has happened like curtains or solar panels. Plus I work more now and get tired lots.

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