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Feeling sheepish

Things you should never do: a) leave a card in the ATM machine and b) forget to take the money withdrawn from the ATM machine.

Except I’ve done both. Years ago, I left my card behind after checking an account balance. When I pulled out the wallet to pay for lunch, I realised that I had neither cash nor card with me. Luckily, I was with a friend who could pay for me at the time. Continue reading

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There’s no trick to it: Save Money on Your Mortgage

If you’re serious about saving, you should look to your mortgage. After all, according to New Zealand finance writer Martin Hawes, the ‘mortgage has more scope for saving and adding to your net worth than any other area of your finances’ because most mortages cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, leading to ‘possibilities for making big savings’.

In his book Save Money on Your Mortgage, Hawes shows how loan size, loan period, interest rates, repayment size and frequency of repayments affect the overall cost of a mortgage. Continue reading