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Saving money with weekly grocery boxes from your local

There’s been a discussion on mustbethrifty about the virtues of fruit and veg market shopping; unfortunately, I rarely go to markets but end up at Coles instead due to a combination of Flybys incentives, a weird work schedule and possibly laziness. The problem with Coles is that I believe its fresh produce is overpriced and doesn’t have staying power. I really need to stop buying fresh food from Coles.

Meanwhile, a new grocer has opened near my work. I thought I’d take advantage of their weekly home (and work) deliveries.

Organising a weekly fruit and veg drop off ticks all the right boxes Continue reading

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A cheap(er) drunk

I indulge in wine now and then. It doesn’t hurt the bank balance too much since I’m a cheap drunk. Still, I’d rather spend less on something as intangible as champagne-induced fun.

There are ways to cut down on the cost of wine. If you’re not too fussy, you can choose white over red, newer vintages over older vintages, lesser known varietals over more traditional grapes. And if you’re really adventurous, there’s cleanskin. ‘Cleanskins are usually the result of over-production. Winemakers sell off their excess at low prices without compromising the price tag of their labelled wines’ (via Wine Diva). Continue reading

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Collective buying: the power of more than one

At work, I saw a woman pick up a tester lipstick and enthusiastically apply several big ‘O’s on her face. She’s a repeat offender, coming in every second day to make use of our eyeliner and blush. And yep, she never buys anything.

I guess I should be less judgemental. How many times have I walked through the Myer cosmetics department in the city and helped myself to the tester perfumes?

Still, there must be a way to get one’s favourite cosmetics without sacrificing the equivalent of a week’s worth of groceries or furtively emptying tester bottles into a Snaplock bag. Continue reading


To market, to market

A bargain hunter with a competitive streak, my friend Sarah refuses to let her mortgage get the better of her. BM (Before Mortgage), she used to dine out at Comme and shop on Collins Street, but AM (After Mortgage), she’s traded dining out for dining in and makes do without furniture.

Despite her conversion to Thriftianity, there is one habit that she won’t renounce: supermarket shopping. Continue reading