Gardening on a Budget

Leaf harvest

NOKIA Lumia 800_001124Autumn has come to an end before I even had a chance to write another seasonal thrills without frills. The asparagus and the rhubarb is starting to die down and the trees have dropped their leaves all over the lawn.

I’ve raked up the leaves in the hope of making leaf mould. Unlike regular compost, leaf mould is easy to make, doesn’t smell, and doesn’t require special equipment. It does, however, require patience. Continue reading

Gardening on a Budget, Going Green

Plant food

Spring is just around the corner, which means it’s time to feed the plants. Gardening nubes will waste money on proprietary fertilisers but an experienced gardener knows where to get most of their supplies for free (or very little money). Here are some cheap/free alternatives and the pros and cons of each Continue reading