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When we moved last year, I had planned to document the sustainable updates done to the new house. I must have dropped those plans off at the local op shop, along with all the clothes Cheap Geek and I had outgrown. And life, like the blog, feels like it’s come to a stop.

It hasn’t of course. Mum and Dad altered and installed some heavy-duty ex-hotel curtains to replace the threadbare sets inherited from the previous owner. Instead of splurging on new furniture, we splurged on energy and water efficient white goods. A local business made and installed some external awnings for our north-facing windows. I’ve turned the side garden beds along the driveway into pockets of edible garden and planted fruit trees such as ballerina apples, pomegranate, nectareze, and a nagami cumquat. And we’ve rented 2 pekins to try before we buy into the keeping chooks lifestyle.

Cheap Geek and I are also in the red, having spent too much money on the house/the move. We have not yet adjusted to the higher mortgage repayments; this has got to change.

And so, mustbethrifty begins again (hopefully)…

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Money Matters

A confession

It’s been a year since I started blogging about thrift. During this time, I’ve been eating in instead of dining out, choosing home cinema over Hoyts Cinema, and borrowing books instead of buying them. The change in habits have allowed me to clear my credit card debt and inject more than the minimum fortnightly repayment into the home loan.

But lately I’ve been restless: Maltesers and the latest Super Food Ideas are sneaking into the green bag, walking past JB HiFi has become a liability, and whenever I spot the pair of $200 boots that I bought on impulse, still in their box on the bedroom floor, I wonder if Wittner do ‘change of mind’ refunds. All are signs that I’m losing control. Continue reading