Money Matters

If it’s too good to be true, it usually is

Despite having countless loyalty and ‘buy-10-get-1-free’ cards, Flybuys is one of the few programs that has actually given me something, so when I found out that NAB had released a new Flybuys Rewards credit card, I got pretty excited.

Currently, most of my Flybuys points comes from Coles or KMart. Each time I spend $1 at either, I earn 1 Flybys point. If I reach 2,000 points, Flybuys gives me $10 to spend at various stores. Not bad for a program with no join-up fee.

A NAB Flybuys rewards card allows me to earn 1 point for every dollar charged to the card, excluding bills. There’s an annual fee of $65 and only up to 44 interest-free days instead of the preferred 55, so how much do I need to spend in order to profit from this? Continue reading