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The batteries are HERE

So I came home on Friday to these babies:

Enphase batteries Enphase batteries are AC-based (rather than DC) and hence integrate really well with our AC microinverter system. It has many pluses, such as compact sizing, modularity and, according to Renew Economy, ‘a depth of discharge greater than 95 per cent, an ambient operating temperature range of -20°C – 45°C and a warranty of up to 10 years or 7300 cycles.’ After 7300 cycles, Cheap Geek expects them to still be operating at 80% capacity.

Install took just over 5 hours (1 hour per battery) and the batteries were charged by the end of the day. We now have somewhere between 5.7 kW and 6 kW to draw from during sunless periods. It’s too early for us to tell whether the batteries will remove our need for coal-powered grid electricity completely, so watch this space…