Thrills without frills

Going out basics

Rhonda Perky’s comment ‘no one wants to miss out all the time’ (via ‘Signs your partner/friend is budget fail’) implies that being frugal, by choice or otherwise, is incompatible with having fun. After all, food costs money and so does alcohol, a Wii Fit, and a ticket to Meredith. So how do we enjoy, enrich, and entertain ourselves with little or no money? I thought I’d start a new category, ‘Thrills without frills’, trying to address this question.

Firstly, basics. No matter where we go or what we end up doing, there are a few questions to be considered:

  • Is there a stay-at-home equivalent?

Do you need to go out to a movie, dinner or drinks with the mates or can you invite them over to your place? Arranging a video(games) night or a potluck dinner with BYO goon will usually be cheaper and ensures the evening will not end with middle-aged you in a tarty skirt trying to hustle up a city cab at 3am in the morning. Continue reading

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Drinks on the house

While there’s nothing better for you and your budget than a glass of tap water*, your guests might not take too kindly to l’eau du robinet, even when it’s served in fancy glassware. Fortunately, there are ways to pimp up tap water without needing to pimp yourself out. Continue reading