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GUEST POST: Signs your partner/friend is budget fail

We all know one. They turn up to the pub/restaurant/show knowing they can’t afford it, fumble around counting their coins in front of you, muttering about how they will cover the drink they just ordered by doing without vegetables until their next pay comes in. They complain about always being sick because they can’t afford to buy actual food, while punching a text on their latest model iPhone to the friend they’ve been out getting trashed with all week about the new pair of fashion stockings they just bought ‘on sale’!

I realise I must sound bitter and this post is something of a rant, yet I seem to find myself with this type of ‘budget-fail’ friend again and again. I’m fairly certain I once supported an ex’s lifestyle to the tune of $10,000 (his savings) while I watched my nest egg evaporate. Either I ooze ‘I’m a Sucker’ or I’m afflicted with a combination of minimal immunity to manipulation and an over-active ‘taking responsibility’ gland. I figure the least I can do is share my experiences so that others can see the red flags and run Continue reading

Money Matters

The Urinator: a case against housemates

He seemed harmless enough. An overseas undergrad, he was politely spoken and neatly presented. Sometimes he came across as arrogant or a bit slow. I attributed this to the language and cultural divide. After all, Melbourne must have been very different from his home.

My goodwill dissipated once he moved in. He had this habit of tinkling on the toilet seat. Occasionally he would miss the toilet altogether. My other housemate dubbed him the Urinator, and we started keeping a list of his failings on Facebook to keep ourselves sane:

  1. He pees all over the toilet seat.
  2. Sometimes he misses the toilet seat and pees on the floor.
  3. Sometimes he cleans it up but leaves paper jellyfish in the toilet bowl. Continue reading