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Old-school cool

The average Aussie home uses 9-29% of their energy on cooling each year (via Origin) and air conditioners are mainly responsible for this power suck–‘[t]he energy an average air conditioner uses in 3 hours is enough to power a fridge for a week’ (via Green Times)–so it makes sense to go air-con-less in order to minimise the power bill.

You might want to consider some old-school alternatives of staying cool, however, before the temperature inside your home creeps over thirty-five degrees and your resolve melts into mush.

  • Summer wardrobes –  In Ancient Egypt, men wore wrap-around skirts or went about naked while women wore loose-fitting dresses. Garments were made out of linen, a lightweight, natural fabric that breathed. I’m not advocating nudity or skimpy/see-through dresses but we can all certainly opt for the modern equivalent of ancient Egyptian linen without causing too much of a scandal. Continue reading