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Cheap Geek likes his sliced bread but he and I rarely finish our loaves before the use-by date. We could buy smaller loaves, but they cost nearly as much as the regular-sized ones, so we end up buying the big loaves ‘just in case’ and throwing half of it away. It’s a prime example of how much good food goes to waste in our society. According to Food Wise, ‘Australians discard up to 20% of the food they purchase’ or $1036 in an average household, money that could have been better spent on six months worth of electricity bills. Continue reading

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GUEST POST: On thriftiness and pizza

Everyone loves pizza, right? And with good reason – it’s delicious and it’s fairly cheap as far as takeaway options go. As a poor, starving Masters student, I probably love pizza more than most people my age. It’s kind of obligatory for uni students, you know? Anyway, what seems like a cheap meal can add up quickly, especially if you’re ordering pizza once a week. (I once had a more or less unemployed housemate who ate takeaway pizza five nights a week. I STILL have no idea how he paid for it…)

Making pizza from scratch may seem too much like hard work – not to mention giving the impression of being time consuming – but it’s surprisingly easy, and pizza dough freezes really well. Which means that you can make one batch, use part of it, and freeze the rest for the following weeks! Continue reading