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Rejuvenating a pair of school trousers

I love school trousers–they keep you warm, they’re made to last, and pleated grey wool is such a classic look.

I picked up this pair from the op shop for $7. The length and cut give away their daggy origins, but it’s nothing that an iron, scissors, needle and thread can’t fix.NOKIA Lumia 800_000961

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Dress to Impress (for Less), Gen DIY-er

Turning drab into fab

Like many Gen Y-ers, I am craft-challenged. My sewing skills consist of threading needles and accidentally stitching <insert crafty project here> to the clothes currently being worn.

I am also vertically challenged. My trousers and dresses are always in need of shortening, and instead of doing it myself, I usually pay someone else to alter them. NOT THRIFTY.

I’ve got several items currently in the mending pile, including one 80’s polyester dress purchased from an op shop. I loved the fluoro pink and blue stripes, but the ankle-skimming length of the hemline made the dress uber daggy and I had worn it only once with the offensive hem tucked underneath my skirt and stockings. Again, NOT THRIFTY.

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