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Another bridezilla moment

When Cheap Geek and I got engaged last year, we had hoped for a simple wedding. If CG had his way, there would have only been thirty guests. If I had my way, we’d be donning the clothes we wore when we first ‘met’: me in a paisely-patterned vintage dress, him in jeans and a Space Invaders T-shirt.

Seven months on, our guest list is encroaching a hundred, friends and family are having costume changes, and Mum’s planning on mobilising an army of uni student helpers. I went bridezilla a couple of weeks back, venting about wedding invites. I had heard ‘It’s your special day and you should do whatever you want BUT…’ one too many times. Continue reading

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The cost of acceding to other people’s expectations

001133Cheap Geek and I had initially planned on paperless wedding invites to cut down on financial and environmental costs. We had already secured our domain name, something that was sufficiently geektastic, when I told my parents what we were thinking.

The wedding website didn’t go down well. It wasn’t baby boomer friendly enough: not everyone had access to email. My parents’ concerns were reasonable so we opted for what another thrifster couple did Continue reading