Money Matters

Cars, do you really need them?

If you’re lucky enough to live near a train station, tram or bus stop, chances are you use public transport, either to get to work or school or just to avoid the hassle of driving and parking in the CBD. According to the VISTA 2007-2008 summary of survey results, however, only 7.7% of trips made in Melbourne were on public transport, whereas a whopping 77.1% of trips were in cars.

Cars are often the more reliable and convenient form of transportation. Some places just aren’t easily accessible via tram, train, or bus, and some jobs (like Cheap Geek’s new position) require cars. But if you live in inner-urban Melbourne where there are half a dozen public transport options on your doorstep, do you really need a car? Or is it just an oversized, CO2-emmiting, fuel-and-money-guzzling safety blanket? Continue reading

Footnote Frivolity***, My Suburb is My Gym

My bike is my gym

There’s a new gym in the neighbourhood. Foundation membership’s $12 per week, which is a steal for anyone who hearts their treadmill.

Unfortunately, I’ve always been gym shy. Once upon a time, when I had a gym card, I turned up to balance class once a week (if I was lucky) and my credit card got charged $35.95 fortnightly for facilities I hardly used.

When my friend offered to sell her bike to me, I decided to ditch the gym and give cycling a go. Continue reading