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Frugal thrills: winter in Melbourne

Winter. It’s cold and wet. There’s nothing to do except eat, sleep, and have sex. But there’s only so much hibernating one can take, so here are five free things to do in Melbourne during the next few months:

1) Play videogames

Until 8 July 2012, ACMI is offering punters the chance to play some of the best games from San Francisco’s Independent Games Festival 2012. Compete against strangers/friends in the art racer game Proun, ninja-vacuum your way through fifty levels of grime in Dustforce, or explore 3D worlds as the 2D platform character Gomez in Fez*. This exhibition is located in Gallery 2 and is open daily from 10am to 6pm. Don’t forget to check out the ACMI store’s collection of videogame geekery, including Zelda mints, Mario Bros chess sets, and PacMan mugs. Continue reading