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British retro cool: Delia’s Frugal Food

It’s strange how things drift in and out of fashion. Being thrifty was the done thing in 1976, when Delia’s Frugal Food was first published; now*, with rapidly increasing food prices, thrift has made a comeback.

In keeping with the book’s theme, Delia Smith has recycled much of its contents. She ‘felt it had a certain nostalgic appeal in showing how things were thirty-two years ago’. Hence this revised edition is a bit of a curiosity, offering fascinating insight on a bygone era. Continue reading

Clever Cooks

The not-so-clever cook

My mum hates dining out. She doesn’t understand why we should pay more for a meal that she can cook better herself. Hence we ate home-cooked meals three times a day, seven days a week and I grew up seeing dining out as an elusive, adult indulgence.  Continue reading